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GP Has Begun Printing Actual Sizes on Its Lumber. Are Others Doing the Same?

Lowe's 2x4 case in California apparently prompted new labeling More

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How the Lowe's 2x4 Case Has Affected Its Labeling

Visit to California store reveals changes as a result of the $1.6 million complaint More

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Lowe's Unveils Robotic Sales Associates

OSHbot will be deployed this holiday season in San Jose, Calif. More

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WCLBMA: Lowe's Case Partly Involves Labeling Non-Wood Products as Wood

Trade association's report suggests references to a '2x4 case' were misguided More

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District Attorney OKs Nominal Lumber Descriptions

As long as you meet NIST standards, you can call a 2x4 by its name in California More

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Lowe's $1.6M Settlement Lists 2x4 Labeling Requirements

Advertisements must include 'actual dimensions' alongside 'common description' More

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‘Unlawfully Advertised’ 2x4s Cost Lowe’s $1.6M

Calif. judge orders settlement over building product dimensions More

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Lowe's Settles for $9.5M in Class Action Wage Suit

Retailer accused of 'misclassifying' HR managers in violation of FLSA provision More

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