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Field Work: How Dealers Learn What Customers Want

Even as social media proliferates, dealers rely on the personal touch to uncover customer desires. But now they're more methodical about using what they learn. More

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Lamperts Capitalizes on Its Name To Help Top Customers

Lampert Yards of Minnesota has launched a program that in effect lends the value... More

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See Jane Run

Lampert Yards may be among America's biggest and oldest independent dealers, but... More

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Market Matters: Future Plans

Home builders are the next big target for house plan publishers, and dealers... More

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Sweet Spots

Like many dealers its size, Carhart Lumber Co., a 12-location, $20 million operation based in Wayne, Neb., manufactures roof trusses and offers installed sales (in its case, insulation) to its contractor customers. More

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Super Marketing

An automated recording on Hayward Lumber's voicemail system informs waiting callers that this Monterey, Calif.-based dealer has one of the largest fleets of delivery vehicles in the state. Those 119 trucks and vans aren't just the most visible evidence of Hayward's presence in the regions its eight yards serve, however. They are also potent mobile marketing tools. More

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