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Show Offs

While the background of each showroom manager is as unique as his or her showroom,... More

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Co-Op Conversion

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Like many dealers nationwide, Kuiken Bros. Lumber of Fair Lawn, N.J., uses co-op dollars to support promotional mailings. But for years, Kuiken Bros. also has held what Ryan Mulkeen, director of marketing at the seven-yard dealer, calls "beefsteak dinners" for its builder-customers, at which a sponsoring supplier makes a presentation. It recently held four of these dinners, attended by nearly 900 builders, which door manufacturer Masonite supported through Bridgewater Wholesalers, its local wholesaler. More

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Exceptions to the Rules

Supply chain management for special orders, dealers say, must include better training of their personnel and closer communications with contractors to reduce errors in ordering or measurement that cost dealers and customers time and money. More

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