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Running Green: Vehicles

Does changing a delivery truck's oil filter regularly make a pro dealer an environmentalist? That's less a stretch than you might think. In a significant way, vehicle maintenance is a primary step toward reducing fuel consumption and hydrocarbon emissions. And while it helps companies make their fleets of trucks, forklifts, and cars greener and more efficient, it also saves them money. More

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Co-Op Conversion

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Like many dealers nationwide, Kuiken Bros. Lumber of Fair Lawn, N.J., uses co-op dollars to support promotional mailings. But for years, Kuiken Bros. also has held what Ryan Mulkeen, director of marketing at the seven-yard dealer, calls "beefsteak dinners" for its builder-customers, at which a sponsoring supplier makes a presentation. It recently held four of these dinners, attended by nearly 900 builders, which door manufacturer Masonite supported through Bridgewater Wholesalers, its local wholesaler. More

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Market Matters: Habla de Seguridad?

In 2002, the Hayward Building Systems roof and floor truss facility in Santa Maria, Calif.--the year-old, 50,000-square-foot, solar-powered jewel of Hayward Lumber--reported 28 work-related safety incidents in a 12-month period. The next year, the number shot up to 35 cases. "It was out of control," recalls Lynn Edie, operations manager and now one of two safety coordinators at the plant. More

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Green Machine

So far, however, Hayward Lumber hasn't seen many dealers follow its pioneering... More

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Progress Report

As women continue to take on broader responsibilities within the industry,... More

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Super Marketing

An automated recording on Hayward Lumber's voicemail system informs waiting callers that this Monterey, Calif.-based dealer has one of the largest fleets of delivery vehicles in the state. Those 119 trucks and vans aren't just the most visible evidence of Hayward's presence in the regions its eight yards serve, however. They are also potent mobile marketing tools. More

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Certifiable Supply

For Salem Ore.-based Keith Brown Building Materials, the decision in March to... More

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Component Craze

Once a high-risk, untested alternative to stick-framing, components are now... More

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