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Minority Homeownership Rises to Highest Level Since 2011

Year-over-year gains in minority homeownership are higher than the overall U.S. rate. More

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Building Material Sales for Big Boxes, Dealers Rose 5.9% in 2016

Overall growth trails what PS100 did, Census numbers suggest More

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Are Independent LBM Dealers Dying? Proportionately Less Often Than You Might Think.

New Census Bureau count finds small dealers make up a bigger share 2015 than in 2002 More

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New Census Data Shows LBM's Dealer Diversity--and Its Hollow Core

There's less central control in LBM, but also a lot of paper companies More

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Which States Have the Largest Framing Markets?

2012 Economic Census data reveal number of framing contractors per state More

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Economic Census Reveals How LBM's Ranks Have Shrunk

Home centers, hardware stores also suffered between 2007 and 2012, but not as much More

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Housing Starts Dip 16% for Third Straight Decline

Housing Starts fall 16% in January, the largest drop since 2011. More

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EPA to Propose Tougher Rules for Woodstoves

EPA to propose tougher air pollution standards for home heating woodstoves. More

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Double Up

The Census Bureau now offers solid proof for all those anecdotes about young... More

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