American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

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Performance Standards Revised for Kitchen Cabinets and Bath Vanities

The ANSI standards group approved updates to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Assocation's performance standards for kitchen cabinets and vanities. More

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Yard Notables: March 2009
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Going for the Green

Competing standards and certifications could raise awareness about eco-friendly home building and the products that go into it. More

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The Color of Money

If it's not easy being green, no one told the home building industry. As the seeds of the green-building movement continue to sprout across the country, it is evident that one of the seminal achievements of our generation will be a global shift to sustainable, resource-efficient construction. More

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Market Matters: Dead Cert

Market demand rarely justifies getting a chain-of-custody certificate for green-certified lumber. But new standards and green building's expected growth could combine to make certification a necessity at your business. Getting it is easier than you might think. More

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