The BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home brings together an international design, development, and construction team from Japan-based Sekisui House and its wholly-owned home building company Woodside Homes.

I have seen the future of the American family’s home, and words like “beautiful”, “Zen”, “one-of-a-kind” and “high-tech” are jostling for position in my mind. But there’s one word that keeps pushing its way to the forefront when I see the recently-released pictures of the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home: “balance”.

I recently wrote about this unique project after learning about how Sekisui House, Woodside Homes, and BUILDER Online had joined forces to introduce the ancient Japanese philosophy of chōwa - “the spirit of partnership and life balance” - to the American home building market. Construction was on-going, so I could only show you blueprints. Now it’s finished, and was unveiled during the CES 2020 show earlier this month.

That means I can take you on a tour!

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