UFP-Edge, a brand of wood siding, pattern, and trim, announced its Thermally Modified Wood Collection siding line will be distributed by Russin in April 2023.

“Russin has a great reputation, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to provide our thermally modified siding to their established network of retailers,” UFP-Edge national sales manager Chris Barensteen said in a prepared statement. “This new partnership will bring one of the nation’s most innovative lines of wood siding to building pros in the Northeast for the first time.”

UFP-Edge said the company’s thermal modification process stabilizes the wood, making it less vulnerable to shrinking and seasonal expansion and contraction. The siding is available in nature or several prefinished colors.

“Thermally Modified Wood Collection is the right product at the right time”, said Jordan Russin. “With the market rapidly accepting thermally modified wood products, UFP-Edge advances the category with an unmatched offering of prefinished sidings. Additionally, their thermally modified VG Hemlock is ideal as an alternative to old growth CVG Western Red Cedar. I’m proud to deepen our partnership with UFP, and we’re excited to be part of UFP-Edge’s growth in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.”