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Building materials distributor U.S. Lumber formed new division USL Direct in Grand Rapids, Mich.

USL Direct will focus on high-volume commodity millwork sales to door shops, millwork houses, lumber dealers, and two-step distributors. USL Direct will offer MDF or finger-joint flat jambs, split jambs, casing legs, lineal casing, lineal base, lineal crowns, and associated products, according to U.S. Lumber. Tom Engelhard will lead the USL Direct Team, which will include Kevin Longstreet, John DeYoung, Scott Dunn, Jordan Engelhard, and Tracy Wolf.

U.S. Lumber said the new business will also enhance its brand and Alexandria Moulding, an Ontario, Canada-based two-step distributor of moldings and accessories acquired by U.S. Lumber in August 2018. Atlanta-based U.S. Lumber is a two-step distributor with branches for distribution to lumberyard and millwork houses and shops throughout 33 states.