The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) announced April 12 its new Build with Strength campaign, which will aim to educate design/build professionals about the benefits of concrete construction.

NRMCA said its campaign is a multi-million dollar effort that will include a multi-city tour, a social media presence, videos, advertisements, and a website. Build with Strength will also give webinars and live seminars aimed at designers to help them with design ideas and technical support.

Build with Strength will also strive to combat the misconceptions surrounding the use of concrete as a building material, according to NRMCA’s press release about the program. In the release, NRMCA writes that its research showed that design/build firms were open to concrete construction, but that “misconceptions” such as the cost of concrete led the firms to choose wood or wood products in construction projects.

NRMCA president Robert Garbini said the campaign will help to change industry professionals’ views of concrete construction. “All of us in the concrete industry know we offer a superior construction product that delivers safety, durability and strength to designers, architects, builders, investors and consumers,” Garbini said in the press release. “What this campaign is about is spreading that message to the audiences that are either unaware of or reluctant to embrace concrete as the standard bearer of durability.”

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