Parksite has entered a partnership with frameless glass railing manufacturer IG Railing. As part of the partnership, Parksite will offer IG Railing products in its New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland territories.

“We choose IG Railing because we see the demand growing for enhanced view products, and nothing outperforms frameless glass. The high value proposition to all our markets is very complementary to our existing business,” Bob Higgins, senior vice president of sales at Parksite, said in a prepared statement. “The IG Railing team is just hitting their growth stride, but their foundation of leadership, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit is a great fit for Parksite and we are excited for this partnership.”

IG Railing is built on a base mount—called a spigot—that houses a Wi-Fi controlled LED light system and holds ½-inch tempered low iron glass. According to the manufacturer, the product eliminates sight obstructions during the day and promotes illumination during the evening. Glass connector accessories, top rail, and spigots are available in matte black or polished finishes.

“We’re excited to partner with Parksite as we continue to execute our North America distribution plan,” Mike Kunard, co-owner of IG Railing, said. “Parksite has been a pivotal distributor to accelerate category shifts for decades, and we are committed to providing the leadership needed in the category shift to glass railing in the outdoor living category.”

IG Railing was founded by Australian deck builder Mark Behnecke. In 2020, Behnecke partnered with Julie Noonan, Pat Noonan, and Kunard to create a category shift in North America to frameless glass railing through a two-step distribution model.