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Southern Pine lumber exports to China will face a 20% import tariff, rising from the current 10%, effective June 1st, according to the Southern Forest Products Association. Other wood species, as well as OSB and softwood plywood, will face a 25% tariff in the trade standoff between the U.S. and China. The measure comes in retaliation to the U.S. raising tariffs on Chinese imports after trade negotiations between the two countries reached an impasse last week. The talks, centering on unfair trade practices and protection of intellectual property rights, is expected to continue among high-level officials before a meeting between President Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping in June. The SFPA has provided an unofficial list of the softwood products facing increased tariffs, which include:

Below is an unofficial translation of the softwood products facing increased tariffs.

Tariff: 25%

Red Pine and Russian Pine lumber
Radiata Pine lumber
Spruce and Fir lumber
Softwood plywood

Tariff: 20%

D-Fir log with size less than 15cm
Other pine with size less than 15 cm
Fir and Spruce log with size less than 15 cm
Other coniferous log with size less than 15 cm
D-Fir lumber
Other pine lumber
Other coniferous lumber