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The NAHB expressed strong support for Rep. Bruce Westerman’s (R-Ark.) “No Timber from Tyrants Act.” The proposed legislation would ban imports of wood products from Russia and Belarus while increasing responsible harvesting of American timber from federal lands.

“Rep. Westerman’s ‘No Timber from Tyrants Act’ is a moral and economic imperative that needs to be enacted immediately,” NAHB chairman Jerry Konter said in a prepared statement. “Banning imports of Russian and Belrusian wood products will help to further economically isolate Russia and deny President Putin another source of funding for his unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.”

The NAHB also supports the legislation’s call for increasing domestic lumber production from federal lands. Konter says such an act would “address the resiliency of our national forests, create jobs, reinvigorate the forest industry, and improve housing affordability.”

The NAHB also remains committed to pushing for a new softwood lumber agreement with Canada with the goal of achieving lower material and housing costs while easing supply chain issues.