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TimberHP announced the beginning of sales of its first wood fiber insulation product, TimberFill, on the North American market. TimberFill, a loose fill insulation, can be blown in or densely-packed for high-performing, affordable, safe, and carbon negative coverage in attics, wall cavities, floors, and ceilings, according to the company.

“We’re thrilled to begin selling these truly game-changing insulation products in North America,” TimberHP CEO Joshua Henry said in a news release. “We believe the market is hungry for insulation that’s high-performing and makes homes, their inhabitants, and the planet safer and healthier.”

TimberFill will be sold through a variety of channels, including service partners, general insulation, IDI, and independent lumber dealers across the Northeast, with trailer truckloads leaving the company’s manufacturing plant in Madison, Maine, weekly.

TimberHP recently announced an agreement with Cameron Ashley Building Products to be the wholesale distribution partner for its entire product offering, including TimberFill, TimberBatt, and TimberBoard.

Later this fall, TimberHP will commission its TimberBatt manufacturing line, with the TimberBoard line scheduled to start thereafter. All three TimberHP products are byproducts of Maine’s timber industry.