Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie announced the company has acquired Elk Grove, Calif.-based EstiFrame Technologies. Founded in 2017, EstiFrame provides component manufacturing and framing technologies to the construction industry, including the EasyFrame automated marking system that matches saws with digital printers to label 2x frame members for fast and accurate assembly, according to the company.

Designed to reduce construction timelines and address skilled labor shortages in framing and construction, the EasyFrame system prints framing blueprints for a structure directly onto the framing members themselves. Paired with a manual or automated saw, the system provides wall panels that are pre-marked for easy assembly, driving construction efficiency and accuracy, according to EstiFrame Technologies.

“EstiFrame has established a strong reputation for providing easy-to-adopt, scalable solutions to LBM dealers and framing shops looking to gain critical efficiencies in component manufacturing,” Simpson Strong-Tie vice president of customer facing technology April Burt said in a prepared statement. “The EasyFrame system is a logical and complementary addition to the Building Technology solutions already provided by Simpson Strong-Tie, and expands our offerings for customers who continue to seek more efficient ways to convert the digital frame into strong, safe physical structures.”

EstiFrame software, driven by a linear optimization algorithm, is designed to save the greatest amount of wood possible by managing cut completion activity and re-optimizing on the fly. As part of the acquisition, EstiFrame Technologies founders Coby Gifford and Aaron Love will remain with the EstiFrame team to ensure a seamless transition as Simpson Strong-Tie assumes customer sales and service.