Roseburg announced it will permanently end operations at its Taylorsville, Miss., particleboard plant on August 21. While the plant will no longer produce particleboard, a forest products company has signed a letter of intent to purchase the facility for an alternate use. The transaction is expected to close later this year.

Roseburg first acquired the Taylorsville plant from Georgia-Pacific in 2006 in an expansion of the company’s composite panel business. The company said the plant’s press equipment and technology have aged to the point that it can no longer compete with newer domestic particleboard mills and the influx of imported products. Roseburg said it will work with local resources to assist the 100 team members as the closure date approaches.

“The decision to permanently close a plant is always difficult, and we know this closure will have a significant impact on our team members,” Rosburg’s chief operating officer Stuart Gray said in a news release. “Unfortunately, our Taylorsville mill is no longer able to compete in a business segment that is dominated by modern mills that are more efficient and less costly to operate. We are very encouraged that the sale of the plant will provide jobs in the future, and that we will continue to serve our customers with product from our particleboard mill in Simsboro, La.”

Roseburg recently announced a $700 million investment in manufacturing in Oregon, including a new plant, Dillard MDF, which will make medium- and high-density fiberboard, and Dillard Components, which will produce MDF trim suitable for exterior applications.