LP Building Solutions produced its first run of LP SmartSide products at its Sagola, Mich., facility. The production follows a multi-million dollar conversion of the facility from a focus on manufacturing oriented strand board to LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, the company’s flagship product.

“Expansion projects like this one in Sagola enable LP to meet increased demand for SmartSide siding across North America while positioning us for long-term growth,” executive vice president and general manager of siding Jason Ringblom said. “This outstanding accomplishment is a result of the talent and determination of LP’s Sagola team with Engineering, Capital Procurement, and other LP departments providing invaluable support.”

At full capacity, the LP facility in Sagola will be able to produce approximately 330 million square feet of SmartSide siding annually, bringing the company’s total siding production capacity to approximately 2.3 billion square feet.

In 2021, when LP announced the Sagola facility would be converted, the company also announced plans for its Houlton, Maine mill to be converted from the manufacture of OSB to SmartSide siding.