[Video produced by David Myron.]

At the 2019 International Builders’ Show (IBS), in Las Vegas, MiTek revealed some upgrades to its Sapphire Supply software. The platform, which is designed for lumber and building materials dealers, combines estimating and 3-D lumber design into one application.

Once all of the lumber and building materials for a project are entered into the system, it can produce a traceable, verifiable bill of materials that can visually track the materials used in the model.

“The reason that Sapphire Supply is so much more accurate than the standard estimating methods is because we count materials,” Neil Faulkner, technical representative of LBM software solutions at MiTek, told ProSales magazine at IBS 2019.

This, Faulkner adds, reduces callbacks, deliveries, returns, and allows you to work off the shape of the building as it’s really going to be built. Because all lumber and building materials are inventoried by the system, Faulkner said, “there [are] ways to quote more, quote more accurately, and quote everything at the same time.”

Sapphire Supply’s product selection interface has been upgraded to enable users to search and select MiTek Builder Product offerings, with access to product images, their manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and the Code Report references that may apply to the product.

Because Sapphire Supply integrates with MiTek’s Sapphire Suite, it enables dealers who are suppliers of MiTek Builder Products and their MiTek component manufacturers to share common building information models (BIM), which can be viewed on MiTek’s free Sapphire Viewer software.