The Lumbermen’s Association of Texas (LAT) announced that Kate Woodson Borroni has been elected as president of the LAT board of directors. Additionally, Chris Rivers, division president at Higginbotham Bros. and Parker’s Building Supply, and Cason Shrode, CEO at Cassity Jones Building Materials, assumed new roles on the LAT executive committee as first and second vice president.

“It is exciting to be part of the third generation at Woodson Lumber taking a leadership role at our trade association,” Borroni, human resources and principal at Woodson Lumber Company in Caldwell, Texas. “As your president, I am focused on supporting LAT’s work to protect our industry and strengthen our member businesses.”

Borroni will serve a two-year term as president and lead the LAT as it prepares for the 2025 session of the Texas Legislature.

“LAT continues to be a place for the next generation of our industry’s leaders to collaborate,” Rivers said. “You see evidence of this outstanding leaders that are involved in our work, and Kate is a terrific example of that leadership and the support for the alliance between LAT and our industry.”

The LAT board of directors also approved three new directors: Mike Craven, president and River Building; Blake Baldwin, district sales director at PrimeSource Building Products; and Mason Herbert, director of sales and procurement at Holland Southwest International.

“LAT has our industry’s back, and we need its continued relentless advocacy for Texas dealers and all the businesses that make up our supply chain,” Shrode said. “Our trade association has a pulse on the barriers to our success and works every day to help us overcome them.”