A: Progressive Solutions Load Track software is designed to help sales-people sell wood products/components in quantities that optimize space utilization in container and railcars. Sales information and preset transportation rules are used to create optimal container, rail, and truck loads, packing instructions, and 2-D or 3-D loading diagrams. 877.746.4774. www.progressive-solutions.com.

B: Nextel The compact Motorola i265 wireless phone provides three communication tools: digital cellular, Nextel's Direct Connect instant walkie-talkie service, and a multimedia messaging service that allows text, images, and audio to be sent together from several locations on the handset. The phone also includes GPS. It has a 600-entry contacts manager and a voice recorder. 800.639.8359. www.nextel.com.

C: Avalara Designed for integration with Best Software's ACCPAC CRM software, AutoAddress+ address validation service works from within ACCPAC CRM to instantly validate a contact's address, correct any entry errors, and standardize the information to USPS format. AutoAddress works in real-time without periodic update installations and communicates directly with the address data in accounting, e-commerce, or custom applications to eliminate human error. 877.780.4848. www.avalara.com.

D: DPL Group The SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System offers a solution for monitoring and tracking fleets to increase driver productivity and reduce fleet costs. Automatic vehicle location updates, infinite route history archive, start/stop identifications, speed alarms, idle-versus-drive time identifications, and maintenance notifications are key system features. 800.897.8093. www.dplamerica.com.

E: Teydo BV Built on a location-aggregation platform that retrieves location information from a variety of different sources, the FleetOnline tracking solution is cost-effective and easy to set up and use, says the firm. Clients can register online, purchase Trimble's TrimTrac locator GPS units, choose a subscription level, and begin tracking their vehicles. 703.626.8480. www.fleetonline.net.

A: BQE Software Integrated with both Intuit's QuickBooks and Microsoft's Small Business Accounting systems, BillQuick 2005 is designed to make time tracking, project management, and billing as simple as possible. Time and expenses can be tracked and in-depth analysis reports can be produced. BillQuick 2005 features include integration with Intuit Payroll Services Complete Payroll or any QuickBooks Payroll system; customized document management; write up/write down invoice adjustment; and the Timeslips to BillQuick conversion wizard. 888.245.5669. www.billquick.com.

B: Activant Operating on the firm's Falcon System for the LBM industry, the Performance Driver Suite of software provides a bundle of personal productivity tools for proactive management. A dashboard of business analytics allows managers to get a quick snapshot of a business' standing, including gross profit, sales, and accounts receivables information with the ability to drill down by location, date ranges, and other details. 800.888.0273. www.activant.com.

C: Acumen Data Systems/Todd Drummond Consulting Designed for the wood truss component industry, Total Inventory Management software is an integrated solution that works with design and accounting software. Working on a system of bar codes and scanners, inventory is automatically assigned to work orders and relieved from the accounting system; inventory is updated in real-time with items allocated as stocked, work in progress, or finished goods. Each bar code records the work order, truss number, material type, and quantity. 603.763.8857. www.todd-drummond.com.

D: Xplore Technologies Incorporating the latest Intel Centrino mobile technology, the ruggedized iX104C2 tablet PC family includes the iX104C2D Dual Mode PC, which features an active pen-and finger-touch digitizer in a single unit, and the iX104C2V with AllVue LCD technology that enhances screen readability in all lighting conditions. The tablet PCs are designed to operate under severe conditions, including withstanding temperature extremes, dust and moisture, vibrations, and 4-foot drops onto concrete. 888.449.7567. www.xploretech.com.