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Installing skylights is an easy way for builders to incorporate more daylight into homes. Here are some of the most recent skylight introductions and improvements.

Now available to the residential market, Wasco's Architectural Series SkyWindows come in a variety of configurations and styles, including planar, extended pyramid, and square pyramid. The skylights feature condensation gutters to drain water from the exterior and urethane thermal breaks to further minimize condensation. Custom sizes and styles and several glass options are available. 800.388.0293.

ODL's improved Builder Series Tubular Skylight features the patented Solar Lens dome, which is designed to optimize light through the tube even during low-light hours. The Builder Series kit comes with two diffusers: a flat, low-profile glass diffuser with an inner lens that maximizes light while reducing solar heat gain; and a decorative glass diffuser that resembles a traditional light fixture. The skylight is Energy Star–qualified. 800.253.3900.

Sun-Tek's six models of curb-mounted or self-flashed Extreme Weather skylight units meet Metro-Dade County building code requirements. Two impact-rated glass skylights, three impact-rated polycarbonate units, and one curb-mounted tubular skylight are available for 120-mph or greater wind zones. 800.334.5854.

The Top Hat fully assembled, seamless, dual-flashed skylight from Tubular Skylight offers an optional 4- to 8-inch-high metal curb system to accommodate various building codes. To maximize light levels, the Top Hat skylight's flange adjusts to the pitch of the roof, so the tube can remain vertical. 800.315.8823.

The Polymershapes Guardian skylight series from GE Advanced Materials is Dade County–approved and features a Lexan XL-10 glazing system that prevents air and water infiltration. The skylight is designed for use with any roof style, including shingle and profile tile. Available in curb-mounted and self-curbing styles, the Guardian comes in three aluminum finishes with a salt spray–resistant polyester baked enamel coating. 800.488.4703.

GAF's HeavenScape Premium Skylights are slightly recessed into the roof for a low-profile appearance. They feature a no-bracket installation system, encapsulated weather-stripping, extra-wide flashing, and a bottom apron sealing strip. HeavenScape skylights are part of the GAF Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System and are covered by the manufacturer's limited enhanced warranties. 973.628.3000.

Incorporating SageGlass electro-chromic glass panes, Velux's size 104 Venting Electric Skylight is the manufacturer's first skylight to feature electronically tintable glass. Using a remote control, the user can change the glass tint from clear to dark, controlling heat gain, saving energy, and protecting the home's contents from UV fading. 800.283.2831.

Solatube's 10- and 14-inch Brighten Up Series tubular skylights have earned the Energy Star rating and are NFRC-certified throughout the United States. The two models' U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient vary slightly when different diffusers are used, but each delivers energy-efficient ratings. 800.966.7652.

The newest skylights boast features such as more impact resistance, better energy efficiency, easier installation, and light-level optimization.