Builders' continuing concerns about managing water within home wall assemblies has led to expanded use of housewraps, rainscreens, and flashings across the country, according to experts. Now manufacturers are offering weather barriers for a variety of applications and regional requirements, as well as products that serve multiple functions.

Benjamin Obdyke's Home Slicker 10 Plus Typar is designed to meet new building codes in certain regions of Canada that require the use of a rainscreen to create a 0.39-inch air space break. The housewrap also may be used in areas of the U.S. with heavy rainfall, such as the Pacific Northwest or the Northeast, the manufacturer says. The product creates a pressure-equalized air space immediately behind exterior cladding to eliminate moisture created by wind-driven rain and interior vapor by allowing it to drain to the bottom of the wall assembly. 800.523.5261.

Builders are turning to housewraps and other weather barriers to help manage moisture in wall cavities. The newest flashings and housewraps are designed to meet a variety of specific performance needs. Combining a single layer of highly reflective aluminum laminated to a thick sheet of polyethylene, rFoil Reflective Ruff Rap weather barrier is designed to increase wall insulation efficiency by 20% and block 96% of radiant heat transfer while permitting trapped moisture to escape from the wall and prevent air and water infiltration. The perforated wrap inhibits condensation, mold, and fungi growth, according to the manufacturer, TVM Building Products. 888.699.1645.

HeadFlash-Flex, part of the SureSill integrated flashing system, is the only head-flashing with a drip cap that bends around curved window tops with a continuous upper edge to provide enough height for a proper overlap with building paper and effective drainage, the maker says. The flashing is made from different grades of PVC that are co-extruded together so it holds an even shape. It is UV-resistant, lightweight, and comes in 60- and 120-inch lengths. 512.231.9469.

Made with an 8-mil multi-layered polymeric film over a 32-mil rubberized asphalt adhesive, Flexphalt TWF self-adhering flashing membrane from Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing is engineered for masonry through-wall and cavity wall construction as well as other applications, such as corners, transitions, window and storefront openings, and around building enclosure penetrations. Flexphalt is also available in a low-temperature adhesive formula for easy installation in cold weather. 800.527.7092.

Scapa North America's Scapa 625 is a general-purpose, single-coated, pressure-sensitive polyester film for sealing housewrap seams. Its tacky acrylic adhesive withstands a range of outdoor temperatures and weather extremes, the company says. The film will tolerate UV exposure for several months without breaking down, according to the company. 800.653.5316.

PinkWrap housewrap is continually improving for increased moisture-wicking capabilities, according to the manufacturer, Owens Corning. Designed to resist tearing around nail and staple holes, the translucent housewrap lets moisture escape the wall cavity while blocking water and air infiltration. 800.438.7465.

Grace Vycor Butyl self-adhered flashing protects windows, doors, and other wall details from water and moisture intrusion. Engineered for use in high-temperature areas, the flashing also can be used in all other regions of the U.S. and Canada. Vycor Butyl can be applied at temperatures as low as 40 degrees F, and its in-place temperature performance has been tested to 240 degrees F. 866.333.3726.

Woven of a high-density polyethylene fabric with micro-perforations for breathability, Pro Installer MoldBlocker housewrap prevents moisture vapor from becoming trapped in the wall. A patented anti-fungal coating applied to the fabric's interior side inhibits mold growth between the housewrap and the sheathing. The translucent housewrap is resistant to UV damage for up to 12 months, says the manufacturer, Schnee-Morehead. 800.878.7876.

Fortifiber's FortiWrap and PlyDry housewraps are woven of breathable polypropylene for high tear strength and durability on the jobsite, the manufacturer says. The high tear strength and a special UV coating allow the housewraps to be left exposed after installation for up to 120 days. Both are a semi-translucent white to aid in stud location for fastening. 800.773.4777.