The Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) recently released its 2015 Window and Entry Door U.S. Market Study with encouraging news and a positive outlook for windows and doors through 2017. Based on product shipments in 2014, the report was prepared, researched, and analyzed by Metrostudy (a Hanley Wood company), along with the Virginia Tech Center for Housing Research (CHR).

Window Show Solid Gains

Shipments of residential windows increased nearly 13% in 2014 with more than 50 million units shipped nationwide. This topped the 10% growth rate reported in 2013. According to the data, the Midwest region saw the largest amount of growth in residential windows last year at 18%, accounting for more than 11.8 million shipments.

Unsurprisingly, vinyl was the material of choice for window purchases in 2014. The study shows vinyl comprised 68% of the market in 2014, followed by wood-clad windows with just 21%. Single-hung windows were selected more than double-hung, accounting for 29% and 23% of the market, respectively. A whopping 97% of windows shipped in 2014 were double-paned, and 89% incorporated low-E glazing.

Double-Digit Forecast for Doors

The entry door market kept pace with windows in 2014, also posting a 13% increase, with a total of nearly 10.6 million doors shipped. The survey looked specifically at "side-hinged entry doors," and the report's numbers do not include storm doors or patio doors. The majority of doors shipped in 2014 found their way South; the region took in 4.26 million units, marking a 1% increase over 2013.

Within the side-hinged entry door category, steel was the most popular material type in 2014, accounting for 69% of total units. Fiberglass followed with 31% of shipments. For the most part, the survey finds single door entryways remain the most popular at 69% of operation type. More than half of doors shipped in 2014 (56%) featured double-paned glazing, and 49% included low-E glazing.

Going forward, WDMA's report indicates that both residential windows and side-hinged entry doors will continue their growth through 2017. The growth rate for the window market will slow, with 6.2% growth forecast through 2015, and declining by half for 2016 and 2017. The entry door market, on the other hand, is expected to continue its double-digit growth pattern through the forecast period. Growth of more than 11% is anticipated for the next three years.