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A variety of new gypsum wallboard, finishing products, and accessories are designed for easier installation and better performance. Here are some of the latest introductions.

Lafarge North America's new Rapid Deco L5 Level 5 skim-coated drywall and Rapid Deco L5 Level 5 joint compound combine to provide a fast solution for areas where a level-5 drywall finish is required. The gypsum board features a factory-applied skim-coat finish that provides a more uniform, smooth surface than a field-applied coat, the maker claims; the specially formulated matching joint compound is applied in the field. The fast-drying system achieves a field-applied skim-coat/level 5 in the same amount of time it takes to achieve a level 4 finish, says the manufacturer. 800.237.5505.

USG's new family of Durock-brand accessories—which includes mortars, mastics, and grouts—is formulated for use with Durock cement board and Fiberock Aqua-Tough tile backerboard. Four different types of latex-modified mortars, including fast- and medium-set high performance, multi-purpose, and flexible thin-set high performance, are available in white or gray. Other products include high-performance, multi-purpose, and commercial-grade tile mastics; sanded and unsanded latex-fortified grouts; and a heavy-duty Fiberock floor protector paper. 800.874.4968.

Some of the newest gypsum panels, as well as wallboard finishing products and accessories, are designed for easy application and improved performance. By eliminating an organic paper face and back and replacing it with inorganic glass mats, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum's Enhanced DensArmor Plus paperless interior wallboard resists moisture and eliminates food sources that allow mold to grow. The glass mat–faced Enhanced DensArmor Plus panels finish like paper-faced drywall, the manufacturer says. Inorganic glass fibers also reinforce the product's core. 800.225.6119.

Made with a 100 percent recycled purple paper on the face and a mold/mildew-resistant liner on the back, National Gypsum's new Hi-Impact XP wallboard is abuse-, impact-, and penetration-resistant. Designed for use in residential, commercial, industrial, and multifamily construction areas, this wallboard consists of a type-X fire-resistant gypsum core with a fiberglass mesh close to the back of the board. These features allow the wallboard to defend against the growth of mold, resist moisture, and provide additional fire resistance, the manufacturer says. 800.455.3185.

With a ¾-inch-wide profile, the 350 Chamfer Bead from Trim-Tex provides a narrower profile than the manufacturer's standard Chamfer Bead. Also new is the 350 Chamfer Arch Bead, which can be applied to create modern chamfered corners or to soften radius openings. The product design does not require filling notches on the exposed area of the bead. 800.874.2333.

Zooma-Flex from No-Coat is designed to run through a bazooka for fast installation and a stronger bond and creates straight inside corners that resist cracking, the manufacturer says. Designed with a tight fiber, latex saturated paperboard surface, and a joint tape paper backing, Zooma-Flex withstands shifting due to settling, lumber drying, and weather variations. It is available in 100- to 200-foot roll lengths and features ultra-thin flange edges for one-step installation and easy feathering. 888.662.6281.

Reformulated to meet ASTM C1396 and Federal specification SS-L-30d, Type III Grade X standards, Temple-Inland's new and improved Type TG-C fire-rated gypsum wallboard replaces the company's existing Type-C and Type-T wallboard products. Type TG-C wallboard is now UL-approved for nearly 200 additional fire-resistive assemblies and systems. The panels feature tapered edges and come in 4-foot widths, in ½-inch and 5/8-inch thicknesses, and in lengths from 8 to 14 feet. 800. 231.6060.