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Kitchens are increasingly becoming multifunctional and social spaces and kitchen design is reflecting this evolution, according to Cosentino's 2019 Global Kitchen Study. The study also finds technology is becoming more integrated in the kitchen and there is a growing desire to increase environmental awareness in kitchen design.

While losing its nature as purely a culinary space, the kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of homes. More than 40% of respondents reported taking their main meals in the kitchen and 29% of homeowners use their kitchen as a hosting space for guests. More than 10% of respondents reported using the kitchen as a workspace as well. As such, design and aesthetics as well as functionality are the most important factors homeowners consider when renovating their kitchen space.

As the kitchen becomes a multi-use space, the integration of technology in kitchen design is becoming increasingly important, Cosentino finds. Technological innovations in kitchens are experiencing a slow implementation, though, and there is some resistance to change from homeowners. Popular technological innovations in the kitchen include devices that focus on more routine aspects of cooking or on improving safety or hygiene in the space.

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