Designed to help eliminate sound migration through walls as well as for anchoring, the SpringShot Self-Seating Acoustical Toggle Bolt from Grabber Construction Products uses a beveled-shape washer that allows the bolt to center itself as it is tightened. The bolt's spring exerts continuous pressure to prevent loosening over time, even with vibration, the manufacturer says. 800.477.8876.

Whether hiding out, preventing sound transmission, or holding tight in concrete, the latest fastener introductions are pure problem-solvers. Fastap's Poly3 self-drilling composite screws offer easy one-step-to-flush installation in dense 5/4-inch composite lumber. Its V-Roll head design and countersinking flutes seal out moisture and prevent mushrooming on the deck surface. The shaft's spiral channels and Power Point drive threads ensure even drivability and allow for easy removal. 800.847.4714.

The HurriQuake nail from Bostitch is engineered for hurricane and earthquake zones. Its large head increases its holding power, allowing it to withstand uplift forces of more than 271 pounds per square foot. HurriQuake is rated for hurricane wind conditions and gusts of up to 170 mph. In addition, its shank design delivers up to 50% greater resistance to earthquake conditions and reduces the potential for major structural damage, according to the company. 800.556.6696.

Toggler Anchor Systems' SnapSkru Mini SPM self-drilling drywall anchor has a 0.44-inch-diameter head that allows it to hide more easily behind fixtures than anchors with standard-sized heads, the manufacturer says. The anchor opens with an audible "pop" when activated with a screw, locking itself into the wall, and its built-in positive stop prevents overdriving for a flush fit with the wall surface. Its design resists the effects of vibration and shock to hold hardware securely. It will not back out of the wall when the screw is removed, so the anchor can be reused. 914.347.2727.

The SplitStop Titan III composite screw from Titan Metal Werks, now available in a dark brown finish that complements many of the new composite deck color offerings, is designed to eliminate mushrooming around the screw head and reduce splitting near the ends of deck boards. The T3 also allows for easy head setting in dense composites without requiring pre-drilling or dimpling. 888.578.3273.

Maze Nails' StormGuard double hot-dipped galvanized ring-shank roofing nails are now Miami-Dade County approved and comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone requirements of the Florida Building Code. StormGuard nails feature a thick coating of zinc to provide maximum corrosion resistance. The nails' ring shank design provides strong holding power, the manufacturer says. 800.435.5949.

Composi-Lock composite deck screws from Simpson Strong-Tie feature a cap-style head that captures and conceals mushrooming material on deck surfaces. Wings on the screw's shaft create a channel for excess composite material and reduce upward pressure on the screw to prevent the problem of spin-out in hard, cold, or wet boards. Composi-Lock's coating allows the screws to be used in certain types of preservative-treated lumber. 800.999.5099.

Designed for heavy-duty anchoring applications in concrete, the Red Head carbon steel wedge anchor from ITW Red Head addresses the effects of cracks on concrete while providing strong holding power. It is tested to meet American Concrete Institute standard ACI 355.2 for post-installed anchors in cracked or uncracked concrete as well as ICC-ES AC193. The wedge anchor, with a 1/2-inch diameter, comes in two lengths and is qualified with two different embedment depths. 800.899.7890.

–Stephani L. Miller