Washington, D.C. Aug. 12, 2009. PROSALES magazine, celebrating its 20th anniversary as America's leading news service for pro-oriented building material dealers and distributors, announced today its PS20: The Twenty Most Significant People, Technologies, Products and Events that have done the most to shape the construction supply business since 1989.

"The list reveals the sea change this industry has gone through," said Craig Webb, PROSALES' editor. "When we started, the prevailing wisdom was that consumer-oriented home centers were the way to get ahead. Our focus made us, as PROSALES' first editor put it, 'a cult publication.' But time has shown that the traditional lumberyards and building supply companies that focused on selling to the professional are the ones that have prospered. The PS20 celebrates those people and the times they've experienced."

The list was compiled by PROSALES' editors after consulting with the magazine's Editorial Advisory Board, the heads of regional and national building material associations, and past PROSALES editors. The list was presented in no particular order

Here's the PS20:

"There may be disagreement about particular choices, but we feel there'll be no disagreement that every listing on the PS20 helped contribute to the state of construction supply today," Webb said. "Lumberyards today might still carry that same woodsy aroma that they did a generation ago, but how they handle and sell products has changed dramatically-mainly because of the influences we list in the PS20. It's a fitting summary to 20 years of PROSALES coverage." PROSALES provides residential construction companies with information, insights and advice on improving sales and service. PROSALES covers the entire market with its magazine, Web site, weekly e-mail newsletter, blogs, Webinars and YouTube videos. For more information, visit www.prosalesonline.com.

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