Adobe Stock/Tomasz Zajda

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the city of San Diego is attempting to keep the construction wheels turning by moving towards more online permit approvals combined with stricter safety guidelines for job sites. The safety procedures include social distancing, decontamination procedures and symptom checking for workers. Plans were already in place for more online approvals but they have now accelerated due to virus complications.

Online applications and approvals had been limited to projects that didn’t require plan review, including simple no-plan mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits, news racks, right-of-way permits and solar projects.

In addition to applying online, customers will be able to see the status of their project online and respond to comments and corrections requested by city staff. Mayor Kevin Faulconer said it’s important for San Diego to remain focused on solving the local housing affordability crisis despite the pandemic.

“We still face a major statewide housing crisis that will only get worse if construction slows down, so we’re trying to make it easier to get shovels in the ground,” the mayor said. “This change also keeps residents and employees safe during COVID-19 and beyond by eliminating the need to exchange thousands of paper documents in person.”

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