Metrostudy has released reports on the activity in 12 different housing markets across the country. Find out what happened last year and what's in the forecast for 2015. Read the detailed reports by clicking on the headlines below.

  1. New Jersey: Outlook for 2015 Housing is Tepid at Best; Multi-Unit
  2. Despite Positive Economic Trends, the Philadelphia Market is Still Finding Its Way
  3. Jacksonville Housing: Metrostudy 4Q14 Survey Results Reveals New Trends
  4. Central Florida: With Prices and Growth Leveling Off, Changes are in the Margins
  5. Naples/Ft. Myers Florida: The New High End Market: Starts are Booming Over $400k and Dying Up Under $250k
  6. South Florida: 2014 Ends With a Slow Fourth Quarter; Lot Shortages Dampening Expectations for 2015
  7. Houston: Market Ends 2014 Strong Even as Oil Prices Plummet
  8. Chicago Finishes 2014 Strong; Growth Should Moderate in 2015
  9. Rocky Mountain Way: Four Markets Climbing to New Heights
  10. Indianapolis: Housing Market Closes Out 2014 Strong; Lot Location May be Key to 2015 Growth
  11. Charlotte Market: Strong Regional Growth is Fueling Housing Demand; Affordability is a Serious Concern
  12. Affordability Squeeze in Raleigh: As Production Shifts to the Higher Price Points, Entry Level Buyers Feel the Pinch