The NLBMDA's Innocent Sellers Fairness Act Fund provides you with an excellent opportunity to strengthen NLBMDA's advocacy for passage of lumber dealer liability protection beyond LuDPAC, our political action committee.

The ISFA Fund is not a political action committee itself, but a fund set up to support NLBMDA's government relations efforts and offset the administrative expense of running LuDPAC.

Many lumber dealers are familiar with LuDPAC. And, as you are probably aware, federal campaign finance laws require trade associations like NLBMDA, which have companies rather than individuals as members, obtain authorization from member companies before communicating with them about the political action committee. LuDPAC fully complies with this requirement.

The ISFA Fund is not required to obtain authorization from member companies to communicate about its purpose or request contributions. This is because the ISFA Fund supports NLBMDA's political involvement and government relations programs, whereas LuDPAC dollars go exclusively to candidates. Federal law requires all LuDPAC monies to come from individuals, as corporations and trade associations, like NLBMDA, are strictly prohibited from giving political contributions to campaigns.

The ISFA Fund can accept either personal or corporate contributions. Your generous donation to the ISFA Fund will go toward NLBMDA's lobbying efforts to gain passage of the Innocent Sellers Fairness Act (H.R. 989). It also will allow NLBMDA to continue to advocate for legislation to strengthen our nation's housing market and protect small businesses and jobs in the building supply industry.

We know you will agree that protecting your interests in Washington is well worth the investment. For more information about the Innocent Sellers Fairness Act Fund and LuDPAC, go to the Web site

Donate to the Innocent Sellers Fund Auction

On Oct. 1, NLBMDA will host a silent auction to benefit the Innocent Sellers Fairness Act Fund during the association's fall meeting. NLBMDA is seeking item donations. Past items include golf clubs and accessories, sporting event tickets, wine, and fine foods. Contributing an item for the auction highlights your company as a supporter of NLBMDA and our Innocent Sellers campaign, and helps ensure a successful fundraising event to keep NLBMDA's public policy presence in Washington strong. Contact Stacey Moye, LuDPAC director, at 800.634.8645 to make your donation today.