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Some of the newest fasteners and connectors on the market are engineered for better performance in a variety of materials, including popular wood alternatives like PVC and composite trims, while other new introductions help solve common fastener and connector issues. Read on for some of the latest in fasteners and connectors.

TrussLok fasteners from FastenMaster are designed for use in engineered woods, including LVL, LSL, and PSL. The screws feature a winged point that penetrates multiple layers without predrilling, the company says. TrussLok's thread length eliminates board jacking and moves the narrower threaded portion of the screw out of the material's shear plane. 800.518.3569. Circle 108.

Designed to increase safety and durability and provide a nail-free surface, Tiger Claw's TC-5 Marine Dock and Decking hidden fastener supports different material types and lumber dimensions. The fasteners allow greater spacing between boards to improve drainage. Boards also can be easily replaced without sacrificing the fastener. 800. 928.4437. Circle 109.

Maze Nails' PVC Molding and Trim nails are made from high-carbon steel and high-tensile stainless steel to minimize bending and reduce splitting of cellular PVC and composite trimboards. The slender, blunt-pointed nails come in three lengths. Available in bulk and in coils, the fasteners come painted white to match the popular trims on the market. 800.435.5949. Circle 110.

Designed to eliminate mushrooming around screw heads, Titan Metal Werks' SplitStop Titan III composite screws are designed for easy head setting, even in very dense composite materials, the manufacturer says. Available in three rust-resistant and ACQ-rated color finishes, SplitStop Titan III screws come in three lengths. 888.578.3273. Circle 111.

Air Nail Co.'s EZCODE Nail Identification system features a stamped letter code on nail heads to identify both diameter and length, helping contractors ensure that they use the correct fastener to meet code requirements for all structural applications. The stamped head coding cannot be damaged by driver blades or the elements, the manufacturer says. 800.479.6455. Circle 112.

Made from Nylon 66, the Grip H Clip uses flexible hinge lead-ins that ease roof sheathing installation, holding the clip in position and making second-panel installation and sideways alignment easy. Grip H Clips create 1/8-inch expansion gaps between sheathing panels and are designed to accommodate both 7/16- and ½-inch sheathing. 608.742.6565. Circle 113.

Powers Fasteners' Snake overhead anchor offers a timesaving alternative to drop-in–type anchors and features an internally threaded body and a flush-to-ceiling appearance. The Snake is easily set into a drilled hole with an impact wrench or hand socket wrench. It does not require a special tool for setting the expansion mechanism. 914.235.6300. Circle 114.

Simpson Strong-Tie's Strong-Bolt offers increased reliability in cracked concrete applications. Strong-Bolt features a tri-segmented clip with dual undercutting embossments on each segment that permit increasing follow-up expansion in case the hole increases in size because of a crack in the concrete. The bolt installs like a wedge anchor. 800.999.5099. Circle 115.

Sheather Plus collated framing nails from Bostitch are designed to withstand the destructive uplift and shear forces from hurricanes and earthquakes. The nail head is 30 percent larger for increased holding power and resistance to wind uplift. A 50-50 shank design—the top half of the nail is smooth-coated and the bottom half has aggressive rings—helps minimize withdrawal failure and optimizes the shear plane area for enhanced shear capacity. 800.556.6696. Circle 116.