Whether claiming to be greener, straighter, or lighter, these engineered lumber products boast improvements over solid wood and other lumber of their kind.

What engineered lumber can do: Left, Geogia Pacific's XJ 85 Wood-I-Beam resists warping and twisting. Top right, Roy O. Martin's WindBrace is taller than typical OSB sidewalls, while Canfor's Long Length Finger-Joined Lumber, bottom right, makes for more stable, longer lengths. TemStock-Free, a composite panel product, contains no added urea formaldehyde and is made from 100% recycled or recovered fiber content.

Made by Temple-Inland, it can hold fasteners and be machined and laminated, the manufacturer says. The particle board comes 1/4- to 11/8-inches thick, and in 4-foot wide sheets from 8 to 24 feet long. It contributes to LEED and Green Globe points. 800.424.2311. www.templeinland.com.

The GreenT line of hardwood plywood by Timber Products Co. is available with cores made from recycled wood fibers and a resin that has no added formaldehyde. It qualifies for LEED credits and uses wood certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. 800.547.9520. www.timberproducts.com.

Made through a process that fuses together wood and glass, TimberSil by Timber Treatment Technologies has mold and mildew protection; a barrier against termites, rot, and decay; and improved fire resistance, the maker says. The nontoxic, noncorrosive lumber releases no volatile organic compounds and comes ready for painting or staining. 703.644.0991. www.timbersilwood.com.

WindBrace, an extended-length OSB sidewall sheathing panel, comes 11/8 inches taller than typical OSB sidewalls, says maker Roy O. Martin. This lets builders tie a wall's top plate to its bottom plate in a continuous panel, says sales manager Bobby Byrd. The product comes 7/16-inches thick, 48-inches wide, and in three lengths. It can be ordered Forest Stewardship Council-certified and uses a urea-formaldehyde-free resin. 318.445.1973. www.royomartin.com.

Microstrand products from Environ Biocomposites can replace custom particle board or plywood in applications, the maker says. The panel is made from wheat and has three layers and two combined resin systems. Good for laminating, painting, and staining, it can be engineered to meet specific requirements. It contains no added urea formaldehyde, emits no VOCs, and contributes to LEED credits. 800.324.8187. www.environbiocomposites.com.

Canfor's Long Length Finger-Joined Lumber makes for straighter, more stable, longer lengths than solid wood, the company claims. The lumber comes in lengths up to 36 feet and meets window and door manufacturing requirements. Recommended for tall walls and long roof rafters, the product has qualities similar to solid lumber, the maker says. 604.264.6217. www.canfor.com.

Rosboro's Treated Glulam now comes with ratings of 24F, a bending stress of 2,400 psi, and 1.8E, an elasticity of 1.8 million psi. It is made from Southern pine and resists rot and decay.

The straight lumber has no top or bottom, so it installs easily, the maker says. Recommended for outdoor applications, the beams come 48-feet long, 3-1/2- and 5 7/16-inches wide, and in five depths. 888.393.2304. www.rosboro.com.

The lightweight XJ 85 Wood-I-Beam features wide openings that accommodate plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems, says the maker, Georgia-Pacific. It comes prefabricated and resists shrinking, twisting, and warping. The beams can support roof loads over long spans and are available in a 16-inch depth and standard lengths from 6 to 26 feet. 800-839-2588. www.gp.com/build.

–Victoria Markovitz