Whenever a curved or radius header is required on a project, it either has to be custom-ordered (which can add cost) or is built on the jobsite (and left untested for load-bearing strength and stability). But the makers of the Flex-C Trac system, a revolutionary product for easier framing of curved walls, have devised a way to apply their curved-wall framing technology to radius headers. The load-bearing Flex-C Header can be shaped by hand to create load-bearing curves and S-shapes. Once the header is curved to the necessary shape, it is then locked into place with screws or nails. The Flex-C Header is made of galvanized steel and hot-dipped galvanized steel. Currently it is available in 3½-, 3 5/8-, 5½-, and 6-inch widths up to 4-foot spans. 405.715.1799. www.flexc.com.