Johns Manville. Designed to decrease air infiltration and control moisture, Gorilla Wrap non-woven polymeric housewrap is non-perforated to reduce the potential for bulk water penetration and is translucent to allow installers to see framing, nails, and windows through it during application. The housewrap has a tear-resistance 300% higher than the leading housewrap, the maker claims. 800.251.1660.

Boise Engineered Wood Products. Engineered for tall walls and other applications requiring strong, straight framing materials, the Versa-Stud offers at least 2.1 times more bending strength and 20% more stiffness than No. 2 SPF 2x6 studs, according to the manufacturer. Featuring none of the checks, cracks, or twists common in solid lumber, the Versa-Stud comes in consistent dimensions–a 1-1/2-inch width and five depths–to create squarer corners and flatter, more plumb walls. 208.384.6161.

CertainTeed. Faced with the manufacturer's breathable MemBrain film, DryRight fiberglass insulation is engineered to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. In moist, humid interior conditions, the film's pores open to let moisture vapor escape the wall cavity; when indoor humidity is low, the pores close to prevent vapor transmission. DryRight comes in R-13 and R-19 batts and rolls with a friction-fit design. 800.233.8990.

Guardian Fiberglass. With an R-value of 49, Fatt Batt fiberglass insulation provides the highest R-value in batt insulation on the market, says the company. The 15-inch-thick batts are available kraft paper?faced and unfaced for 16- and 24-inch on-center framing. Fatt Batts eliminate the need to install multiple thicknesses of batts or add loose-fill insulation to achieve higher R-values. 800.569.4262.

Schnee-Morehead. Woven of a high-density polyethylene fabric with micro-perforations for breathability, Pro Installer MoldBlocker housewrap prevents moisture vapor from becoming trapped in the wall. A patented anti-fungal coating applied to the fabric's interior side inhibits mold growth between the housewrap and sheathing. The translucent housewrap resists UV damage for up to 12 months, says the firm. 800.878.7876.

Fomo Products. Handi-Stick maximum-strength pressurized polyurethane foam construction adhesives are formulated to provide fast, strong bonding to all polystyrene substrates without degrading the material. Specifically formulated for insulated concrete form and architectural foam shape applications, Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction adhesive (shown) provides a short working time. 800.321.5585.

Bonsal American. An anti-microbial agent added to the manufacturer's line of sanded and non-sanded grouts inhibits the growth of mold and mildew without affecting the grouts' workability, colorfastness, and other properties. The mildewcide is incorporated throughout the grout mixes, making grout joints easier to clean and keeping them cleaner longer, the manufacturer says. 800.738.1621.

Fortifiber Building Systems Group. WeatherSmart housewrap combines a high-strength, non-woven polymeric substrate and a monolithic non-perforated coating of "smart" polymers to deliver balanced moisture control in any weather condition without the use of perforations or micropores in its surface. The product is resistant to surfactants, is UV stable, and provides a reliable air infiltration barrier, the manufacturer says. 800.773.4777.

USG. Sheetrock dust control joint compound binds fine residue during sanding to form heavier particles that fall to the floor instead of clouding the air, the maker says. The compound produces the same quality finish as other all-purpose muds, but reduces dust, making prep time and clean-up faster and easier. 800.874.4968.

American Micro Industries. Quiet Batt acoustical and thermal insulation batts are made from 80% recycled content and do not release any skin-irritating fibers during installation, the company says. The Class A fire-rated product is available in R-13 and R-19 batts in 16- and 24-inch widths. 800.558.2058.

Franklin International. Titebond Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive now provides a faster set-up time and a smoother bead that extrudes easily in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F. The low-VOC adhesive's bond will skin over in one hour, and its quicker, more powerful initial grab helps improve alignment between substrates, the company says. 800.877.4583.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing. The EZ Pan sill pan flashing system incorporates the maker's extruded foam sill wedge, window and door flashing membrane, WillFlash molded high-density polyethylene corner detail, and EZ Flash W&D self-adhered flashing membrane. The system provides a continuous water barrier and drainage plane over window sills and in corners. 800.527.7092.

TVM Building Products. Combining a single layer of highly reflective aluminum laminated to a thick sheet of polyethylene, rFoil Reflective Ruff Rap is designed to increase wall insulation efficiency by 20% and to block 96% of radiant heat transfer while permitting trapped moisture to escape from the wall and preventing air and water infiltration. The perforated wrap inhibits condensation, mold, and fungi growth, according to the maker. 888.699.1645.

SureSill. HeadFlash-Flex, part of the SureSill integrated flashing system, is the only head flashing with a drip cap that bends around curved window tops with a continuous upper edge to provide effective drainage and enough height for a proper overlap with building paper, the maker says. The flashing is made from different grades of PVC co-extruded together so it holds an even shape. It is UV-resistant and comes in 60- and 120-inch lengths. 512.231.9469.