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According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas and Calif. are the national leaders for people moving in and out. The moving numbers come from Atlas Van Lines where Calif. is in the top spot for the most inbound moves in the country. On the other side of the coin, the Golden State is also on the top of the list for the largest number of out-of-state moves. The net result is that more people are leaving than moving in. Texas ranked number two for total moves in 2019. “Texas registered its highest percentage of inbound moves in the U.S. since 2015,” an Atlas Van Lines representative said.

More than 55% of the company’s Texas business was from people moving to the Lone Star State.After California and Texas, the company’s most inbound moves were to Florida and Washington State.

“The data also showed an increase in moves from 2018 to 2019, a number that ticked upward for the first time in two years,” Atlas Van Lines said in the annual report. “New York was the country’s outbound move leader in 2019, a designation it most recently held in 2014.” The top five destination states for consumers who moved with Allied in 2019 from highest to lowest volume were: Florida, Texas, California, Arizona and North Carolina,” the moving firm said in a report this week. "For work-related moves, the top destinations from highest to lowest volume were to: Texas, California, Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.

“Texas, with its business-friendly climate, has ranked as the top move destination for Allied corporate customers for the last six years,” the company said in the study. “The high influx of corporations moving to Texas makes it a highly desirable destination for top talent.”Austin and Houston were the company’s top destination markets.

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