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Weather barriers that manage air and moisture in wall cavities come in a variety of forms. From housewraps to rainscreens and flashings, here are some of the newest weather barrier products.

Designed to provide better condensation control and mold control, as well as higher UV resistance than conventional building paper, DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap is a high-permeability, low-emissivity housewrap that protects against air and water infiltration and also helps increase the installed thermal resistance value of insulation. By also reducing cold-bridging at studs, ThermaWrap reduces the amount of heat loss in the winter, the manufacturer says. 800.448.9835. Circle 107.

Benjamin Obdyke's Home Slicker Plus Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute rainscreen/water resistive barrier features the Home Slicker 3-D rainscreen matrix bonded to Fortifiber Building Systems' Jumbo Tex 60-minute building paper, providing the protection of two products in one application. The product cuts and splices with a utility knife and comes in a 33-foot-long, 40-inch-wide roll. 800.346.7655. Circle 108.

Housewrap, rain-screens, and flashings are all important parts of creating a weatherproof building envelope.

Nashua Select 527-20 and Nashua General Purpose flashing tapes from Tyco Plastics & Adhesives are designed to work in conjunction with housewraps to provide weatherproof sealing around windows, doors, and skylights. Nashua Select 527-20 self-adhered flashing tape consists of a butyl rubber adhesive laminated to a polymeric film; Nashua General Purpose flashing tape is a 25-mil self-adhered membrane made with an SBS asphalt adhesive laminated to a polymeric film. Both are designed to protect against moisture, leaks, and air penetration. 877.832.0333. Circle 109.

Valeron Strength Films' Valeron Vortec housewrap is engineered to facilitate moisture drainage in wall cavities. The thin, flexible micro-perforated plastic film has a raised pattern of dimples and bumps that channel water away from the building's exterior wall surface, helping to reduce the chances for mold and mildew growth, according to the manufacturer. 800.825.3766. Circle 110.

Typar Peel & Stick Flashing and Typar Flashing Flex from BBA Fiberweb are butyl-based flashings designed to work with the manufacturer's Typar Weather Protection System. Typar Peel & Stick flashing offers exceptional nail sealability and long-lasting adhesion characteristics, the manufacturer claims. Typar Flashing Flex is a three-dimensionally-conformable peel-and-stick flashing based on a two-ply oriented high-density polyethylene film. Both offer a clean application with no staining or bleeding. Two roll sizes are available. 800.284.2780. Circle 111.

Scapa North America's Scapa 625PF general purpose sheathing tape is a single-coated, pressure-sensitive polyester film ideal for splicing and sheathing housewrap materials. The tape's tacky acrylic adhesive is able to withstand a range of temperatures and weather extremes, says the manufacturer, and it is formulated to tolerate UV exposure for several months without breaking down. 800.653.5316. Circle 112.

GreenGuard Flashing and GreenGuard SuperStretch Flashing from Pactiv deflect water by channeling it down the face of the wall and away from the structure. Both self-adhering flashings are composed of a high-performance butyl-rubber formula containing no asphalt, VOCs, or solvents that allows the flashings to create air- and water-tight seals on wood, polystyrene sheathings, and housewrap. GreenGuard SuperStretch flexes to conform to curved and 3-D shapes. 800.241.4402. Circle 113.

Designed to create a waterproof joint at window corners, Grace Construction Products' VYCORners prefabricated plastic corners are installed under the manufacturer's Vycor Plus self-adhered flashing membrane. The corners are easy to install, fit any window design, and help overcome common window flashing installation problems, the manufacturer claims. 800.444.6459. Circle 114.