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Often lumped under the description composite trim, the category of cellular PVC trim continues to expand with new product lines, line extensions, and new finish offerings. Corners, sheets, beadboard, and column wraps abound, and factory-applied colors are making a debut.

Restoration Millwork cellular PVC exterior trim from CertainTeed includes trimboard, beadboard, full-size sheets, one-piece corners, brickmold, and drip cap. Available in white, the trim also accepts paint. The 18-and 20-foot-long trims have a smooth surface and come in a variety of widths. 800.233.8990.

Cellular polymer TechTrim Exterior Trim Boards are now available in 31 color finishes from the manufacturer, Universal Forest Products. The pre-painted planks have a Diamond Kote factory finish that eliminates the need to prep, prime, paint, and clean up on the jobsite, the maker says. 877.463.8379.

Developed to save builders and millwork shops time, AZEK to Mill trimboards are 1¼ inches thick, eliminating the need to laminate several boards together for milled designs and thicker items. The thicker board comes in a 9¼-inch-by-18-foot size as well as a 48-inch-by-96-inch sheet. 877.275.2935.

Cellular PVC trims now include more than just plain dimensional boards. Specialty items such as brickmolds, bead-board panels, column wraps, and thicker boards and sheets, as well as jobsite heat forming kits and factory-applied colors, help to round out product offerings.

The semi-assembled two-piece design of Fypon's PVC Column Wraps offers fast and easy installation over standard posts. Each column wrap comes in a kit with the base, cap, squaring blocks, and caulk/adhesive. The wraps come in a plain version in 18 sizes and in a variety of special-order fluted and panel designs. 800.446.3040.

Gossen Select PVC Trimboards—ideal for fascia, soffit, rake, frieze, and window and door trims—feature four finished sides to provide smooth exposed edges with no water absorption. Gossen Corp.'s trim-boards also feature a dual finish, with one smooth side and one wood-textured side. 800.558.8984.

A heat bending system is now available to form PVC foam KOMA Trim Boards into arches, ellipses, radius shapes, and more. The bending system requires little setup and can be used on the jobsite, says the manufacturer, KOMA Trim Products. The heat bending process takes 15 minutes to complete. 800. 330.2239.

Royal Mouldings' cellular PVC Royal Trim Board offers precise edges, colorfast surfaces, two usable faces, and a variety of thicknesses and widths. The ready-to-paint trims come in 48-inch-wide sheets and in board lengths up to 20 feet in several widths. Available thicknesses range from 3/8 inch to 1 inch. 800.368.3117.

Kleer Lumber's cellular PVC KleerLok edge and center beadboard, ideal for applications where water may be present, features a ship-lap locking and fastening system that hides fasteners, eliminates face-nailing, and reduces the need to fill fastener heads. KleerLok comes in 5-inch widths and 16-foot lengths with 2½-inch on-center beads. 866.553.3770.

The cellular PVC Wrap n' Snap Column Wrap system transforms a treated post into a finished column easily, says the manufacturer, Royal Wood. Pre-mitered corners, removable tape, and a snap-lock function allow for one-person installation. The user applies PVC adhesive to each groove, wraps the column wrap around the post, and snaps the locking mechanism together. Five sizes in 8½- and 10-foot lengths are available. 866.899.3320.

Advanced TrimWright's WindowTrim cellular PVC window surrounds are designed to fit any brand, make, or style of window unit, the maker says, with or without a decorative pediment. The product incorporates the company's TrimCLIP fastening system, so installation is nail-free and fast. The surrounds will not rot, shrink, cup, or expand like wood, and they have an ASTM paint-adhesion rating of 5A. 508.822.7745.