Big Builders Set a New Course
Big Builders' Second Story: While they keep squeezing dealers to cut prices, big builders are cutting costs in ways that could transform life for LBM dealers-provided small builders follow the big builders' lead.

Energy Star Changes
Rising Star: The Energy Star for Homes Program enters a third, tougher phase next year. Here's how America's favorite green building program could affect you.

Think Small
The Homestead Act: The next big evolution of the American home may well include one or more sheds.

Generation Y
Hear That Echo?: Echo Boomers will define the future of homebuilding–once they define themselves.

Don't Ignore This WINK: Single women will drive a lot of housing demand over the next decade.

Multigenerational Housing
Bringing Home the Baby: The rise in multigenerational housing means builders will have to serve multiple interests under one roof.

Universal Design
In Home, Out of Touch: Most Baby Boomers want to retire where they live now. That will necessitate accommodations to age that they're not currently willing to accept.