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With the beginning of 2020 just weeks away, experts are taking a closer look at the trends that will influence interior design in the year to come. Special attention is given to trends in the kitchen and bathroom space, the two most popular rooms to remodel among Americans. Forbes spoke with several industry experts to gauge the kitchen trends they expect to reign supreme in 2020.

Space Planning And Layout Trends
"We see thousands of kitchen renovations a year,” shares Jean Brownhill, founder and CEO at renovation platform Sweeten, “and one of the trends we're noticing is the move to semi-open spaces.” What that looks like, she observes, is “using decorative architectural elements like archways to define 'zones' without closing off the room entirely.” These can help hide kitchen messes to an extent, while still supporting engagement with friends and family while preparing meals.

Storage Trends
“Hidden” is a key trend, Michele Alfano, principal at Michele Alfano Design, says. “Kitchen cabinetry is acting more like furniture with flat panels and integrated hardware. Our appliances are starting to be hidden and not visible in our kitchens. Hidden hardware for soft touch drawers, and lift-up cabinets show thoughtful functionality,” she adds. While appliances are going into hiding, collections are coming out, Lee Crowder, Dallas-based designer for Taylor Morrison, shares. “This means instead of having a bank of cabinets with doors, the new style is moving more towards floating shelves with a combination of glass-front cabinets. This concept really opens up the kitchen,” the new construction designer explains.

Appliance Trends
“Most designers consider convection and induction cooking more of a trend than a fad and these will become more common on homeowners’ wish lists in the coming year,” predicts researcher Erin Gallagher, chief of insights for the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence. “Unique ventilation hoods are more on trend than perhaps ever before. This, along with consumers’ better understanding the importance of ventilation and a disdain for over the range microwaves will make hoods more of a focus in design discussions than it used to be.”

Countertop And Flooring Trends
Gallagher predicts that quartz – i.e., engineered stone – countertops will continue their takeover of granite. This has been the trend for a number of years, and shows no sign of waning. Stacy Garcia, custom cabinetmaker and host of KBTribehat on Twitter, adds that these stone tops are being designed into bar and island overhangs with hidden supports, rather than bulky corbels, for a sleeker, more modern look. Another material coming on strong for countertops is porcelain. “Porcelain slabs are proving to be more durable than granite and maintenance free,” explains Alfano. She also sees porcelain being used for backsplashes.

Porcelain is also a popular choice for kitchen flooring. The designer and influencer sees it becoming less neutral and more fashion forward. “We will see more surprising textures, unique shapes and richer veining.” She also sees larger tiles trending, to create a sleek modern vibe. “The new standard is 24 by 24 inches, with large rectangular tiles – measuring 24 by 48 inches.”

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