Andy Dean Photography

The Hawaii Lumber Products Association (HLPA) announced it was dissolving the organization as of December 31, 2022 after a 20-year run. The organization was founded during a time of uncertainty in Hawaii’s lumber industry, when many lumber professionals were struggling to compete with other building material businesses.

At the time of the organization’s formation in 2003, competitors were “actively campaigning” against the use of wood for Hawaii structures and false information was being spread, creating the need for an industry organization to combat these efforts. Since forming, the organization has been dedicated to its mission of promoting the use of lumber as Hawaii’s preferred construction material, increasing demand for lumber products, and supporting the lumber industry and its professionals.

According to the HLPA, Hawaii’s lumber businesses have made “major strides” in the construction industry and lumber has retaken its spot as Hawaii’s preferred construction material. In a statement, the HLPA said the “initial driving need for the association is no longer present.”

“Although the closing of this organization is bittersweet, I believe Hawaii Lumber Products Association has been an integral part of Hawaii’s lumber industry and I am proud of the work we have done and the impact we have made on local businesses. To this, I feel confident that our work is done, and we can close the organization with peace of mind” said HLPA’s president and HPM Building Supply’s Regional Manager for the Island of Oahu, Mark Schwinn. “I will remember my time with HLPA fondly and I am honored to have served as the organization’s president in their final year.”