You may have seen the national housing forecasts for this year, but what are the prospects where you live? We asked Hanley Wood Market Intelligence (HWMI), a sister company of ProSales, to help answer that question by forecasting how many building permits HWMI expects will be issued in the 12 biggest markets in each of four census regions. HWMI predicts the changes will range from a 255% rise in Detroit to a 28% drop in Salt Lake City. The average is a 33% increase. But before you break out the champagne, note the bottom number in each box. That shows the 2010 forecast number as a percentage of the seasonally adjusted annual version of that market's best month since 1979. For instance, Atlanta's 13,189 is just 7.4% of the annual rate for its best single month in the past 30 years. In just one case does the growth even rank in the top half. Can't find your market? View expanded forecast below for forecasts in the top 25 markets in each of the four regions.

This article was reprinted from the January 2010 issue of ProSales.