A recent survey conducted by American LIVES and ProSales' sister publication, BUILDER, found that single buyers tend to be fonder of new homes than couples are. The poll also found that single home buyers tend to be more serious and specific in their home-buying efforts and practices.

The Builder survey was coupled with data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which found that single home buyers account for roughly one-third of all buyers who bought homes in 2009. The NAR data also indicated 20% of single home buyers were female; single male buyers accounted for about 12% of new home purchases.

Some sources said they expect further growth in the percentage of young females who buy homes in the future because young women today tend to be better paid and better educated than their male counterparts.

"Young single buyers are often driven by what they don't want," says Brooke Warrick, president of American LIVES. "They are attracted by new homes that have more up-to-date kitchens and baths with more space, better materials, and greater functionality."

Specific reasons why a single person purchased a home weren't provided in the data, but those conducting the survey said most purchases were made after a "life-changing event," which included divorce, a new job, or the death of a spouse. Age did not factor into the survey.