NLBMDA has prepared comments on proposed OSHA rules for cranes and derricks in construction. The proposed rule, published Oct. 9, 2008, may impact dealers that use cranes and derricks to deliver materials to construction sites. OSHA requested comments on several points that are not fully covered by the text in the proposed rule and which clearly did not take into account the impact on delivery of materials. As of press time, NLBMDA planned to submit comments Jan. 22, that are based on extensive surveys of dealers. A copy of the NLBMDA comments can be found on the association's Web site,

Funding the Future

The Legislative Action Fund is another great way to support NLBMDA's advocacy efforts.

There's an excellent opportunity to strengthen NLBMDA's advocacy for passage of lumber dealer liability protection beyond taking part in the Legislative Conference and Green Building Forum: contribute to the Legislative Action Fund.

The Legislative Action Fund is not a political action committee. Rather, it is a fund set up to support NLBMDA's government relations efforts and offset the administrative expense of running the Lumber Dealers Political Action Committee (LuDPAC).

As you are probably aware, federal campaign finance laws require trade associations such as NLBMDA, which have companies rather than individuals as members, to obtain authorization from member companies before communicating with them about political action committees. LuDPAC fully complies with this requirement.

Because it is not a political action committee, the Legislative Action Fund is not required to obtain authorization from member companies in order to communicate about its purpose or request contributions. The reason for this is because the Legislative Action Fund supports NLBMDA's political involvement and government relations programs, whereas LuDPAC dollars go exclusively to candidates.

Federal law requires all LuDPAC monies to come from individuals, as corporations and trade associations like NLBMDA are strictly prohibited from giving political contributions to campaigns.

The Legislative Action Fund is free to accept either personal or corporate contributions. Your generous donation will go toward NLBMDA's aggressive and multifaceted lobbying efforts to gain passage of key industry initiatives, such as housing stimulus and recovery legislation and the Innocent Sellers Fairness Act. It also will let NLBMDA continue to advocate for legislation to strengthen our nation's housing market and protect small businesses and jobs in the building supply industry.

LuDPAC remains a critical part of NLBMDA's overall political involvement efforts to elect to Congress candidates who support our agenda. But some companies are unable to grant LuDPAC previous approval because they already have given authorization to another trade group political action committee to solicit. Some dealers are simply uncomfortable contributing to political action committees. Whatever the reason, we know you will agree that ensuring efforts to protect your interests in Washington is well worth the investment.

Additional information about NLBMDA's political involvement programs is available at, or contact Stacey Moye at 202.367.1169 or [email protected].

Pressing the Hill on Housing

At press time, NLBMDA was lobbying Congress and the new administration to ensure that proposals critical to the housing and building supply industry are incorporated in the economic stimulus package requested by President Obama. The four priorities NLBMDA seeks are: extending the net operating loss carryback from two years to five; enhancing the Home Buyer Tax Credit to all primary residences; providing discounted fixed-rate mortgage financing; and extending bonus depreciation and Section 179 expensing provisions. NLBMDA continues to remind legislators that housing is the key to our economic recovery, and is working with the Fix Housing First coalition to obtain congressional passage of these incentives to reduce housing inventories, stem foreclosures, and restore consumer confidence. Visit for the latest update.

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