NLBMDA has recently introduced a new contracts program manual and CD, Risk Management Best Practices: Six Principles to Minimize Legal Liability. The program is designed to help dealers address the growing problem of customers, primarily builders, unfairly shifting risk through contract language that requires dealers to assume the majority of the liability regardless of actual fault.

This educational program helps dealers understand and reduce risk by identifying common language, clauses, and risk transfer practices to be aware of when writing or signing contracts with customers. The principles include important information on:

Basic legal concepts that will help you better design your business operations and train your employees

Who your customers are and how to manage them

The different phases of a construction project and how to situate yourself during each phase to minimize risk of liability

Provisions you can include in your contracts and standard purchase order forms that will shift liability to other parties involved in various projects

Different forms of insurance you can purchase to protect yourself

Ways to negotiate and shift liability that minimize the risks you assume

Steps you can take in all aspects of your business to protect and enforce the legal rights you have. For more information on the new Risk Management Best Practices contracts program or to order your copy today, visit the NLBMDA Web site,, or call 800.634.8645. —Christine Stollas is director of communications and public affairs for NLBMDA.