Once again, the editors of ProSales have sifted through thousands of products in search of the latest Editors' Choice Award winners–those products introduced during the past year that stand out for their innovation, problem-solving abilities, and all-around coolness. What also defines these products is their ability to make you think about their potential in your yard and about the overall range of products and services you offer. As you read about the 15 Editors' Choice winners this year, ask yourself not only how they can fit into your business now, but also how they can help your business and your customers' businesses grow.

Wondering how to increase security and counteract theft in your tool and equipment rental services? Consider DeWalt's MobileLock GPS Locator and Anti-Theft Alarm. Are some of your customers using steel frame construction? Surely they'd prefer to install supportive wood backers in less time; point them toward our Group Award winners. Interested in expanding your installed sales services? Perhaps you should broaden your horizons and take a look at central vacuum systems.

Year after year, the diversity of our Editors' Choice winners continues to reflect the many ways in which the pro supply industry changes and evolves. We hope many of these products will strike your fancy and reveal themselves to you as valuable tools–not just more items to sell–as you progress through 2007.