When Boise, Idaho–based Franklin Building Supply decided to redesign its website, it didn’t want much—a site that: is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and rich in content; communicates the dealer’s personality; reaches out to contractors and homeowners; and helps to grow the company’s email database.

“The old website was classic billboard with information about the company,” says Rick Lierz, president and CEO. “The new website is more dynamic.”

The new site, launched in June 2012, covers a lot of ground while keeping topics well-organized. An uncluttered home page provides good visibility for the dealer’s newsletter and highlights website features with a slide show.

If contractors select Events from the menu, they land right on an easy-to-read calendar that lists events such as webinars and workshops. The Contractor Services page promotes Franklin’s ability to provide takeoffs and designs of everything from truss layouts to kitchens and closets.

The dealer put its six showrooms online—a service for both contractors and homeowners. Visitors can search for products or view any of 151 vignettes. Each of the 19 locations has its own page with handy information such as hours, manager name and email, and installation services offered.

The website has seen a continuous increase in visitors since October 2012. Returning visitors averaged 500 in October 2012; that number now is 1,200.

Franklin Building Supply earned a merit award in the 2013 ProSales Excellence Awards.

—Diane Kittower is a freelance writer/editor in Maryland.