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Thermory USA expanded its distribution with the addition of Disdero Lumber and J. Gibson McIlvain Company.

Disdero Lumber will cover the Pacific Northwest and northern central regions of the United States for Thermory USA, extending their territory reach to Minnesota. J. Gibson McIlvain Company will cover the Southeast region, from Florida to West Virginia.

According to Thermory USA, Disdero Lumber and J. Gibson McIlvain will jointly distribute Thermory products in the Great Lakes region. Additionally, Specialty Wood Products will service the Denver metro area, with the capacity to service surrounding regions and extend to Kansas and Missouri.

Thermory USA said it will benefit from established relationships with each company’s exclusive territories, regular trucking, and access to “the nation’s largest inventory and product range of modified woods.” The company said the expansion will “significantly bolster the presence of thermally modified wood across the United States.”

Thermory USA is a manufacturer of thermally modified wood and sauna materials. Thermal modification is a chemical-free process that uses heat and steam to create wood products that boast strength and durability, according to the company.