SRS Acquisition Corp., the fastest-growing construction supply company in the ProSales 100, announced today it is opening two new locations this week: a Wilson Wholesale facility in Schaumburg, Ill., and a Southern Shingles store in Oklahoma City.

With these new locations, McKinney, Texas-based SRS will operating out of 38 locations in 13 states under 10 business names. SRS ranks 15th on this year's ProSales 100, with 2009 sales of $240 million, double its 2008 revenue. Meanwhile, it has grown from 18 locations at the end of 2008 and 31 at the end of 2009.

The Schaumburg location is intended to serve northern Chicago and southern Wisconsin, complementing another Wilson Wholesale location southwest of Chicago, in Naperville, Ill. The Oklahoma City store will service central Oklahoma.

"It is exciting to have the resources, talent and opportunity to be able to continue on our aggressive growth path by expanding organically through two exciting new greenfield locations," SRS chief operating officer Dan Tinker said in a statement. "In both cases, our existing customers told us that they had an unmet need for our services and that we were too far away to properly service them from existing neighboring branches. It is of long-term strategic importance that we expand in Chicago, the third-largest market in the U.S. and also develop a platform for future growth in Oklahoma, which is perennially a very strong re-roof market."