BOSTON -- Pro-Build, the largest pro dealer in the U.S., has launched a corporate identity initiative that includes a new logo which, over an unspecified period of time, will be rolled out to most of its 500-plus locations nationwide.

The logo, which resembles a half-profile of a house's roof, incorporates color elements from several of Pro-Build's various operating businesses, which the corporation has expanded through acquisitions since being formed a year ago from the merger of Lanoga Corp. and The Strober Organization.

"Although our divisions operate individually, we compete collectively,'' said Paul Hylbert, Pro-Build's CEO, in a prepared statement.

At the International Builders' Show Wednesday in Orlando, Hylbert elaborated by stating that the logo would be rolled out quicker to some divisions than others. For example, he said that the Strober stores, which are mostly in states along the eastern seaboard, would start calling themselves Pro-Build relatively soon, whereas other divisions with strong regional brands of their own -- such as Spenards in Alaska and Dixieline Lumber in southern California -- might keep their own names for a while.

Fred Marino, vice chairman of Pro-Build, added that this initiative will include bringing a similar look to the corporation's disparate yards, which operate in 40 states.

To see the new logo, go to the Pro-Build Web site.