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Canada's CanWel Building Materials Group has purchased Honsador Group, Hawaii's biggest lumberyard and the 39th-biggest company on the ProSales 100.

CanWel's Sept. 5 announcement said it paid US$80 million in cash to acquire Honsador from Grey Mountain Partners, a Colorado-based firm that had bought Honsador in December 2014.

Honsador--an abbreviation of the firm's original name, Honolulu Sash and Door--has more than a dozen branches spread across the Hawaiian islands. It's based in the Honolulu suburb of Kapolei. The company racked up $156.5 million in sales in 2016, 80% of it to pros. Honsador also runs one of the islands' biggest wood-treatment operations, a distinction that might have contributed to CanWel's decision to acquire the dealer.

"The transaction facilitates further penetration of the U.S. West Coast markets and provides entry into a robust and captive market with high barriers to entry," CanWel's announcement said. "... Post-closing, CanWel would become the largest pressure-treated lumber producer in Hawaii with approximately 150 million board feet of annual capacity, adding to the Company's existing base of pressure-treated plants."

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Vancouver-based CanWel owns forest lands, treats and planes lumber, and distributes building materials across Canada and via distribution centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Honsador deal will roughtly double its U.S. sales, the company said.